Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ditmar and Hugo nominations

I decided that this was the weekend to get my Ditmar and Hugo nominations in order. And then I (mostly) did.


Starting with the Australian stuff, I basically nominated the eligible novels I gave five stars to that were eligible (having a spreadsheet of all the books I read with ratings and author countries comes in super useful).

I also want to mention two YA novels I was surprised not to see on the Aurealis short list (I suspect because of a large quantity of good books). Links to my reviews:

And two excellent collections:

And three short/long stories (I've noted the category) that particularly stand out to me, a while after having read them. Coincidentally, all of them come from One Small Step.
  • "Always Greener", Michelle Marquardt, in One Small Step, FableCroft Publishing. (novella/novelette)
  • "The Ships of Culwinna", Thoraiya Dyer, in One Small Step, FableCroft Publishing.  (short)
  • "Firefly Epilogue", Jodi Cleghorn, in One Small Step, FableCroft Publishing (short)

And I reckon it would be great to see Jo Spurrier, author of Black Sun Light My Way (sequel to her Winter Be My Shield) shortlisted for Best New Talent, especially since this is her second and final year of eligibility.

Also, if you feel so inclined, you might consider nominating me for Best Fan Writer.


For the Hugos, I had some similar thoughts but with some international additions that I also gave five stars to.

I'm also nominating Supurbia for graphic work, since I'm really enjoying that. And Galactic Suburbia (which sounds sort of similar) for fancast.

For Dramatic Presentation Long Form (aka movies), I enjoyed Frozen a lot, and Hunger Games: Catching Fire was good. I also enjoyed City of Bones and Star Trek Into Darkness. I kind of fizzled out on Short Form after Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who episode, though, since I don't want to spend too much time contemplating Doctor Who right now. Also the final episode of Futurama, Meanwhile, was very good.

Oh and the Five(ish) Doctors Reboot was the best. I'm putting it under best related work, because I think that's where it belongs. (Feel free to correct me, there's still time to change.)

There are definitely some gaps in my ballot, especially for the non-novel categories, so any reminders of stuff I (may have) read/seen/consumed are appreciated in the comments!

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