Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dimension6, Issue 1

Dimension6 is a new ezine being put out by Coeur de Lion Publishing. It's free to download (and can be downloaded here) and the first issue, edited by Keith Stevenson went live earlier in April.

I decided to give it a read because it was a new Aussie speculative fiction magazine, and because, with only three stories, it was a very manageable length to read on a whim. Happily, it contained three strong stories that took me from the past to the future and then to some vampires. As usual, I've made some comments on the stories below. I look forward to reading the next issue in a few months.


"Ryder" by Richard Harland — a story set against WWI rural Australia, following a girl who becomes interested by the unusual comings and goings of a local boy. What does he do up on the ridge with girls that aren't from around here? Who does no one ever see them again? I liked it, especially the ending.

"The Message" by Charlotte Nash — an odd tale about quantum possibilities. I felt like there was enough worldbuilding there for a novel, and that the short story didn’t explore it all in full. I wanted to know more. What we did learn was interesting but also a little confusing. The kind of story you have to properly pay attention to.

"The Preservation Society" by Jason Nahrung — vampires, blood, memories, that's what this one is about. A group of vampires gathers for an auction of a volunteer; the right to end her life. But our main character bucks the expected outcome. Although it started a bit mundanely (for a dark vampire story), I liked where it ended up.

4 / 5 stars

First published: April 2014, Coeur de Lion Publishing
Series: There will be more issues, yes. It is a magazine.
Format read: ePub
Source: Publisher's website

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