Thursday, 14 September 2017

My 100 stories challenge — care to join me?

Contemplating the number of short stories I have piling up in various TBR locations, I decided to do something more proactive about getting around to them. My solution is also a challenge; I want to try to read 100 short stories in what remains of the year.

I am planning to track the stories I read here every so often (every ten stories, maybe?) and tweet about them as I read them, using the hashtag #ReadShortStories. If this sounds like something you want to get in on, join me! Even if you just want to talk about short stories you've read without feeling the need to challenge yourself. The more the merrier!

A hundred stories is a pretty arbitrary number that I've chosen partly because of its roundness (or squareness) and partly because it seems like a feasible task in the three and a half months left of 2017. Maybe I won't get there, but either way I want to try. If you want to join in, feel free to set yourself whatever goal you want.

What stories?

Personally, aside from anthologies and collections on my physical and virtual shelves that I haven't gotten to read yet, I also have a bunch of stories that have built up from Patreon rewards and from various online venues. In fact, even I didn't pick up any anthologies or collections (although I really should), it would not be hard to find 100 short stories just from various free online venues like, Strange Horizons, Uncanny, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed and many more.

As I come across promising stories or they are recommended to me, I add them to Pocket for reading later, which I can do on web, phone or Kobo. I'm hoping to empty out my Pocket reading list and knock over a few anthologies.

Also, for the purposes of this challenge, novellas don't count as "short".

So. Who's in?


  1. Ooo... tempting. My TBR could certainly use the help. When were you thinking of starting?

    1. I already have! But there's 107 days left in the year, so you could treat it as a story-a-day challenge as well, if you wanted to.

  2. Ashley Capes19/9/17 07:17

    Cool! I'd love to join in but I know I'd fail... but looking forward to seeing what you read, as I haven't read much short fiction this year :)


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