Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Booksies (7)

It’s that slightly irregular time again when I post pictures of books

From Netgalley I got ARCs of:

  • Blackwood by Gwenda Bond from Strange Chemistry, the new imprint of Angry Robot

  • Suited by Jo Anderton, the sequel to Debris (and coincidentally from Angry Robot). One I’ll probably also be purchasing when it’s officially released.
And my achievement unlocked purchase for finishing three books was:

  • Red Glove by Holly Black, the sequel to White Cat which I read and reviewed quite recently. My ebook has the slightly less nice but actually quite cool when you look closely US (paperback?) cover, but also includes another (originally hardback?) cover when you turn the page with all the pictures/blurb you’d expect on the hardcover flapjacket. I was surprised. I’m wondering if other US versions of the ebook (mine’s iTunes) are similar? That said, I still like the UK/Aus covers more, especially from a distance.
Actually, I earned two book purchases (for finishing six books), but the other was a paper book from Book Depository, which hasn’t arrived yet, so it’ll be included in a future New Booksies.

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