Sunday, 9 December 2012

New Booksies

A bit of a buying spree this time. I decided to spend 3 of my accumulated (it had gotten up to 5) books. I bought:
  • Ishtar, a collection of novellas edited by Amanda Pillar and KV Taylor and containing novellas by Deborah Biancotti, Cat Sparks and Kaaron Warren.
  • Hal Spacejock: Baker's Dough by Simon Haynes the fifth book in the series (see my review of the second Hal Junior book here - a kids' series set in the same universe).
  • Walking Shadows by Narrelle M Harris, featuring characters which appeared in one of the stories in Showtime.

Then, because they're having a 2 for 1 sale and, apparently, books on sale don't always count towards buying limits... I bought, from Strange Chemistry:
  • Shift by Kim Curran (which I've already reviewed)
  • Katya's World by Johnathan L Howard

I've enjoyed everything I've read by Strange Chemistry (which has been everything they've put out so far except the above two books), so I'm hoping for the best. I'm not sure how I missed Shift when it came out, but I admit I'm a bit sceptical of Katya's World because non-Russians appropriating aspects of Russian culture tends to end with me being annoyed. At least with the sale, if I'm annoyed I can console myself that it was free. Or so the logic goes. Or maybe it will be awesome which will be a bonus. We'll see.


  1. Which reminds me I have Hal Spacejock Junior 2 to read. And since Duotrope is going full subscription I have been using Simon's submission tracking software Sonar 3

  2. The third Hal Junior book is out now too. I have a Mac and hence a spreadsheet keeping track of stories, but I am sad about having to use ralan/other means to find markets again.

  3. It hasn't been a problem yet for me, but yes Ralan is a bit hard to navigate