Thursday, 4 July 2013

New Booksies and things

All quiet on the southern front.

I've had fewer reviews up than I'd like over the past week for a few reasons. I've been sick (a sinus infection like a normal person, which is kind of novel for me) and I've been doing more work than usual on the Australian Women Writers Challenge, mostly behind the scenes. You know, the kind of stuff you shouldn't notice if it's working properly. Although I did recently write a roundup of spec fic reviews. All of which is to say, I haven't finished any books recently. I'm part way through three, but none of them are very short and, despite appearances, I don't actually read very quickly.

I expect to get back to more frequent reviews soon. Although maybe not so much next week because it will be a busy work conference week for me and I'm not sure how much time I'll have in the evenings. We'll see. Hopefully I'll be able to fit an audiobook in with the extra driving.

And I do have some interesting other things coming up, like an interview with Fiona Paul on Saturday. And I'm in the process of organising some other author interviews for the nearish future.

Anyway, despite the sniffles and other commitments, I did manage to acquire a couple of books recently. Doo bee doo.

From NetGalley, courtesy of Peachtree Publishers, I received Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil (which was published in Australia by Hardie Grant Egmont and with a nicer cover which I also include since many of my readers will have easier access to the Australian version). US cover on left, Aussie cover on right.

And then because it was on sale at Dymocks and I want to read it, I picked up The Shadow's Heir by KJ Taylor, the first book in the sequel series to the griffin books I read earlier this year. Or the Fallen Moon series, to give them their proper name (my review of The Dark Griffin).

Yay, books! *eyes teetering pile*

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