Friday, 28 February 2014

Supurbia Vol 2 by Grace Randolph

Supurbia Vol 2, created by Grace Randolph is the first collected volume of the ongoing comic book series Supurbia. I recently reviewed Volume 1 which was commissioned before it became an ongoing series. Volume 2 picks up right where the introductory story left off. I don't really recommend picking it up without having read Volume 1; more for the character introductions than any crucial plot points.
The fan-favorite phenomenon returns with new stories of sex, lies, and...superpowers! Meet the Meta Legion, the world's foremost faction of crime-fighting capes. But what happens when the masks come off and the heroes are faced with the sordid problems of everyday life in the suburbs? The members of the Meta Legion decided to protect their families and loved ones from their enemies by sequestering them in one quiet suburban neighborhood. But just because they've banded together, doesn't mean they like each other...
This volume had less of a contained story arc than the introductory one, which I suppose makes sense since it's been released as an ongoing series. Nevertheless, the four-issue volume makes a good episodic snippet, more so than an individual issue on its own. I suspect, as I keep reading and catch up to what has been released, I will wait for every fourth issue to read on. (Or perhaps I won't be able to wait, we'll see.)

My favourite story line in this volume was Helen Heart's — surprisingly, after not warming to her much at all in volume 1. She's the live-in girlfriend of Sovereign, who is kind of the Superman-equivalent of the bunch, an ex-villainess and often strung-out on drugs. Not only do we learn more about her (past and present) but we also get to see Sovereign around her out of bed. And gosh, he's a bit of a sociopath. I look forward to reading more about Helen's developing relationships with the other super-spouses as the story progresses.

I also enjoyed the continuing Agent Twilight/Night Fox secret gay relationship saga and the story line concerning Batu (Amazonian super) and her children, which I mentioned in my previous review. I suspect as I read more of these — at the moment I'm trying to space them out with novels as little rewards — my reviews will get briefer as it becomes harder to say anything substantial that a) I haven't already said and b) isn't a spoiler.

I continue to recommend Supurbia to anyone with even a passing interest in superheroes or comics. I do suggest starting with the introductory mini-series before jumping into the ongoing series.

4 / 5 stars

First published: 2013, BOOM! Studios
Series: Supurbia, volume 2 of ongoing. Contains Supurbia Ongoing issues #1-4
Format read: e-Comic
Source: Purchased from ComiXology

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