Friday, 26 December 2014

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014 Wrap-up

As the year draws inexorably to a close, it's time for me to admit that I'm not going to finish any more AWW books this year. I'm still halfway(ish) through one, but it's an audiobook, and I won't be commuting anywhere until January. So. The time has come (the Walrus said) to speak of bookish things. And for my Australian Women Writers Challenge wrap-up post for 2014.

I read a bunch of books, where "bunch" can be defined as 32, assuming I didn't accidentally miss any (and depending on how you count). In the past I've put a little blurb/mini review with these posts, but all of these books will or have been covered by one of my Australian genre round-ups (horror, SF, fantasy), so I'm jut going to leave you with the list and a genre descriptor for each book.

  1. The Dreaming Volume 1 by Queenie Chan (review) horror manga
  2. The Dreaming Volumes 2 & 2 by Queenie Chan (review) horror manga
  3. Stained Glass Monsters by Andrea K Höst (review) stand-alone fantasy
  4. The Other Tree by DK Mok (review) contemporary fantasy with religious supernatural themes
  5. Carrier by Vanessa Garden (review) post-apocalyptic set in Australian outback
  6. Bespelled by Dani Kristoff (review) paranormal romance
  7. Peacemaker by Marianne de Pierres (review) outback-themed SF
  8. The Lascar's Dagger by Glenda Larke (review) epic fantasy, book 1
  9. North Star Guide Me Home by Jo Spurrier (review) epic fantasy, book 3
  10. The Bride Price by Cat Sparks (review) short story collection, mostly fantasy and horror
  11. The Year of Ancient Ghosts by Kim Wilkins (review) novella collection, horror and fantasy
  12. Innocence Lost by Patty Jansen (review) short fantasy, Dutch-inspired setting, book 1
  13. Chasing the Valley: Borderlands by Skye Melki-Wegner (review), YA gaslamp fantasy, book 2
  14. Razorhurst by Justine Larbalestier (review) YA historical with ghosts set in 1930s Sydney
  15. Chasing the Valley: Skyfire by Skye Melki-Wegner (review), YA gaslamp fantasy, book 3
  16. Dagger of Dresnia by Satima Flavell (review) epic fantasy book 1
  17. Guardian by Jo Anderton (review) the kind of fantasy some people think is science fiction, book 3
  18. Prickle Moon by Juliet Marillier (review) short story collection, fantasy
  19. Shatterwing by Donna Maree Hanson (review) dark fantasy, book 1
  20. Langue[dot]doc 1305 by Gillian Polack (review) time travel SF
  21. The Ark by Annabel Smith (review) near future epistemological SF
  22. Secret Lives of Books by Rosaleen Love (review) short story collection, mix of fantasy and SF
  23. Loving the Prince by Nicole Murphy (review) SF romance
  24. Zac & Mia by A J Betts (review) YA contemporary
  25. Small Shen by Kylie Chan and illustrated by Queenie Chan (review) mix of manga and prose fantasy, part contemporary Hong Kong, part historical China
  26. Phantazein edited by Tehani Wessely (review) short story collection of folkloric fantasy
  27. Drowned Vanilla by Livia Day (review) cosy crime with food
  28. This Shattered World by Amie Kaufmann and Meagan Spooner (review) YA SF
  29. How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier (review) younger readers fantasy dystopia
  30. No Need to Reply by Jodi Cleghorn (review) contemporary flash story collection
  31. The Autumn Castle by Kim Wilkins (review) contemporary (sort of portal) fantasy
  32. Clockwork Gold by Jenny Schwartz (review) Australian steampunk
And those are my books for the 2014 Australian Women Writers Challenge. I will be continuing on with the challenge in 2015 — and indeed will continue contributing to the AWW blog. Roll on 2015 and a bunch more excellent Australian fiction!

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