Sunday, 24 May 2015

Captain Marvel Vol 2: Down by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Captain Marvel Vol 2: Down written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrated by Dexter Soy and Filipe Andrade is the direct sequel to In Pursuit of Flight which I have previously reviewed. This volume collects the comic issues #7-12.

Marvel NOW! Captain Marvel goes head to head with...Captain Marvel? Former Captain Monica Rambeau returns, but what's her problem with Earth's new Mightiest Hero? What threat is lurking below the ocean's surface? And can both Captain Marvels stop it before they get ship wrecked? Then: Carol finally returns home, but is changed. What is weakening Captain Marvel's powers? How will the lifelong high-flyer react when she discovers that she can no longer fly?

This volume starts with an entertaining two-issue arc featuring Carol teaming up with Monica Rambeau to find missing ships and then fight a monster. I've never heard of Monica Rambeau before but after having read this arc I want to know more about her. As far as I can tell she's never had a stand-alone title, just been in a bunch of Avengers comics, which is disappointing (but do correct me if I'm wrong). The only thing I didn't enjoy in this issue was the stock standard description of Monica's powers, which includes the mistaken belief that neutrinos and electricity are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Sigh. I suspect comics aren't the place to be worrying about physics, but I can't help myself. There's also the issue of Carol needing oxygen in this run, where she didn't in the later run, but I'm holding out hope for that issue to be resolved in the final volume of this run. (Haha, well it might be.)

After that we have a much heavier arc, set entirely in New York. Carol acquires a grad student minion, we see her cat for the first time in this run and Carol has to deal with some serious issues. Also, obviously, fight some bad guys and save some days. But really, compared with the general upbeat nature of superheroes saving the day, this was definitely less cheery. Which isn't a bad thing, it was just a bit unexpected, although maybe it shouldn't have been since the previous volume wasn't exactly a laugh-riot.

But the worst thing is, it ended on a cliff-hanger! And the next volume, which I have ordered, is out of print and won't be in stock for at least two weeks! What am I supposed to do?! Sadface.

Anyway, I definitely recommend Down to any fans of Captain Marvel, because, duh, Captain Marvel. For new readers, it's probably better to start with the previous volume, In Pursuit of Flight, but there shouldn't be too much confusion starting with this one if it happens to cross your path first. I will now desperately await the next volume, which is called Avengers: The Enemy Within (but is really Captain Marvel Vol 3, because why should comics chronology make any sense?).

4 / 5 stars

First published: 2013, Marvel
Series: Captain Marvel volume 2 of 3 in that sequence. Collects issues #7-12
Format read: Trade paperback
Source: All-star Comics in Melbourne

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