Monday, 10 June 2013

New Booksies, Continuum edition

I will do an actual con wrap-up post in the near future but for now I thought I'd start by posting my book haul, which takes much less brain effort. I am too tired to brain. And my book photos are a bit terrible because they were taken with my phone at night (as in indoor lighting << daylight). I also had a bunch of books waiting for me when I got back to Melbourne, that I'd ordered from Booktopia, but I'll include them in a later post.

Starting before Continuum, however, I picked up a few books in ordinary bookshops. I saw Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermott and, particularly since it's not available in ebook form, I couldn't resist it (and then I got it signed at Continuum, so yay). Then, with a bit more planning I picked up Black Sun Light My Way by Jo Spurrier, the sequel to Winter Be My Shield which I enjoyed immensely last year. While in the CBD Dymocks on Friday before the Continuum opening ceremony, my husband and I saw the display for Fairytales For Wilde Girls by Allyse Near complete with notification of the book launch in the evening. So I bought a copy and we went along to the launch and had a lovely chat with the author.

Then it was time for Continuum. I bought a bunch of books in the dealers' room over the weekend. I'd say I probably spent too much money on books, but at least I haven't been buying that many books lately in general so I suspect my bank account will survive the blow.

In the con bag, we all got a shiny copy of Words Next Door, an anthology from Fablecroft edited by Tehani Wessely. In the dealers' room I picked up:
  • Broken Kingdoms by NK Jemisin (the guest of honour) 
  • A New Kind of Death by Alison Goodman
  • A Book of Endings by Deborah Biancotti, a short story collection
  • Bood Stones, an anthology of dark fantasy edited by Amanda Pillar
  • A Trifle Dead by Livia Day (aka Tansy Rayner Roberts, it's her first crime book)

And I also picked up two of Twelve Planet Press's novella doubles, which are double sided volumes.
  • The Company Articles of Edward Teach by Thoraiya Dyer / The Angaelien Apocalypse by  Matthew Chrulew
  • Above by Stephanie Campisi / Below by Ben Peak

Yay, books!


  1. Nice haul of books, there. :) I am still looking for a copy of "Madigan Mine", but no luck for me yet. It is true that from my position it is a bit difficult. Hopefully, I can buy some of the Australian awesome titles at World Fantasy Convention. In physical format I mean, because I still have a very weak spot for them. :)

    1. It is hard to find even for an Australian non-small press book. I was lucky to come across some copies in a discount bookshop (in Australia). As I'm sure you've found, Aussie books are often hard to find overseas. (And I'm pretty sure there isn't an ebook edition of this anyway.)

  2. Thank you so much for popping in to my launch!! I'm sure I was a ditzy idiot, but that's because I was so happy. Also, I forgot to eat that day? Anyway, thanks to you and the hubby again!!

    1. It's your book launch! Of your first book, even. You're supposed to be happy!