Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Stuff and Things (AWW and Continuum)


If you haven't been keeping up with the Australian Women Writers Challenge, might I direct you to the AWW homepage, where my spec fic round-up for the month of May just went up. These monthly round-ups we (the AWW team) have been doing summarise the reviews participants have submitted in the past month. I've also included links to my earlier round-ups below.


And in other news, I'll be at Continuum the weekend, including the Chronos Awards, which I'm looking forward to. Over the course of the weekend I'll also be on four panels and will give a talk about astrophysics. Panel list below. Good thing I looked at those again, some of time times either changed or my calendar wanted to trick me with timezones.

So if you're at Continuum come along and say "Hi", especially if you're interested in the astro talk, because talking to an empty room is depressing.

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