Friday, 7 March 2014

Supurbia Vol 3 by Grace Randolph

With Supurbia Vol 3 by Grace Randolph I'm almost up to date with the series and, as I just discovered, three quarters of the way through the current storyline. I've also reviewed Volumes 1 and 2 previously. And, as you may have noticed, I'm alternating reading volumes of Supurbia with novels. Also, technically, I'm not reading these as collected volumes, but as individual issues. It's easier to review them as volumes, however. Probably some minor spoilers below. Blurb for issue #5 because the volume's blurb as listed on Goodreads is absolute rubbish.
Dion and Jeremy take Eli and Zari on a vacation as Tia attempts to rescue Batu from Mongolia, her first superhero excursion after coming out of retirement...Hector’s dark magic slowly begins to take hold of Sara as her burgeoning friendship with Hella takes her down a dark path...Eve joins Robbie as he heads to the annual Superhero & Weapons Expo, but will Ruth’s devious plan throw a wrench into the works? The superhero soap continues, only in SUPURBIA!
What I liked in this issue was the shift in dynamic between Batu and her husband. From Amazonian-style warrior-goddess and feeble human man, they shifted towards woman and man a little bit, after Batu was rescued. It was a brief exchange on the page, but I found it moving and very sad.

The other sad part, I found was Eve — the newest character to the superhero extended family — trying to bond with her husband Robbie at the superhero/weapon/tech stuff expo. Things don't go as she was expecting and I found it a bit distressing on her behalf.

Other than that, there's a lot of action and danger as we've come to expect. Supurbia continues to be a great read that I would recommend to all fans of the superhero genre (be it in comic book form or not). I definitely recommend starting at the start for context. It's not as though it's a long series (yet).

4 / 5 stars

First published: 2013
Series: Yes. Supurbia Ongoing, issues #5–8 out of 12 issues. Alternatively, collected volume 3 of 4. So far.
Format read: e-Comic
Source: Purchased from ComiXology

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