Thursday, 30 April 2015

Defying Doomsday Round-up

April is drawing to a close and so is our Pozible campaign. It's your last chance to pre-order Defying Doomsday — especially if you want a limited edition hard cover — and after 7 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time it will officially be too late. We have made our goal but we are still collecting funds towards our audiobook stretch goal. Fingers crossed there.

Meanwhile, Holly and I wrote a lot of blog posts that went live during the campaign. In case you missed a few, here is a list:
On the actual Defying Doomsday blog, we also teased and announced some of the authors we already have lined up. Here is a little bit about each of them:
If you want to be one of our authors, we are going to be open to submissions in May and June and you can see our submission guidelines here.

We were also very excited to announce that Robert Hoge will be writing our introduction!

Finally, a couple of other people wrote nice things about Defying Doomsday:

And if you want an ongoing supply of disability and/or chronic illness etc related content, you might consider following (or intermittently checking) our Tumblr.

The campaign link again, if you want to get a last minute pledge in, is:

Thank-you to everyone who's already backed and everyone that helped us spread the word! You are all awesome!

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