Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Night Terrace Season Two

Night Terrace Season Two is the second season (obviously) of the Night Terrace audio drama. I received it after backing their Kickstarter, as I did with Season One. I believe the general release is scheduled for February. The blurb below is taken from their Kickstarter page.

Scientist Anastasia Black had retired from her job saving the world, preferring the adventure of a good book and a pot of tea. Then her house unexpectedly began travelling randomly through time and space, taking with it hapless university student Eddie Jones. From the far future on other worlds to the distant past of Earth, Anastasia and Eddie have faced deadly monsters, evil corporations and a sinister disco, before finally discovering the origins of the house's strange power.

But with no way to direct the house back home, there are even stranger adventures awaiting the tenants of "Night Terrace": impossible spaceships, unlikely quests, ghosts of the past and the most terrible peril of all: a new housemate...

The season, so far (there should be a ninth episode coming because of a stretch goal), consists of eight episodes, around half an hour in length each. They are all self-contained stories, but there is an overarching plot linking them. It's been more than a year since I listened to Season One, so it did take me an episode or so to re-orient myself with the characters. But that just made me want to re-listen to both seasons in one stretch.

The tone, as with the first season, is somewhere between Douglas Adams and Doctor Who, but much more Australian. I was laughing out loud on several occasions. This season focuses a bit more on why the house is travelling through time and the, er, consequences of the reason.

Night Terrace is excellent, hilarious, and very Australian. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially to fans of Douglas Adams and humorous science fiction in general. I am very much hoping they will go on to make a third season and more.

4.5 / 5 stars

First published: February 2016
Series: Night Terrace season 2 of hopefully many more
Format read: With my ears, because it's an audio drama (like a radio play, but without the radio part)
Source: Kickstarter! But check out their website to buy.

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